Support for Learning

Many students, regardless of ability level, will require additional support at some point during their time at school. The Support for Learning Department at Forrester High School works closely with pupils, subject departments, Support for Pupils, specialists and parents/guardians to support the needs of our students.

The role of the Support for Learning Department is vast, but fundamentally we must ensure that we are meeting all learners’ needs. In addition to offering in-class support, CPD and specialist input, the Support for Learning Department offers varied group work opportunities for our young people. These range from intensive literacy support programmes and motor-skills groups, to our newly established ADHD Support Group. We work with our local primary schools and offer an enhanced transition to pupils who are moving into S1, as well as a Settling in Group once they are here.

The Support for Learning Department includes an Enhanced Learning Provision (ELP) which allows the needs of pupils with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties to be met within the school.

A specialist English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher also visits the school on a weekly basis to provide support to pupils for whom English is not their first language.

If you have any queries about Support for Learning in Forrester High School, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Support for Learning staff are also available at all Parent Evenings for consultation.


Mrs I McGinnis – Support for Learning Leader

Mrs L Atha – Support for Learning Teacher

Ms S Weatherston – ELP Teacher

Mrs J Berry – EAL Teacher

Mrs C Epp – Learning Assistant

Mrs J Finlay – Learning Assistant

Mrs L Lloyd – Learning Assistant

Mrs C Rankin – Learning Assistant

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