1:1 iPad Program

From August 2012, we have rolled out iPad devices to certain year groups of students to help improve their learning in the classroom and at home. Although the school has ownership of this device, students are expected to look after it as if it is there own, taking it home, ensuring it is charged and bringing it to school every day.

By providing students with constant access to technology and a wireless infrastructure, we plan to deliver improvements in the quality of learning and teaching through active engagement in the use of ICT to support learning.

All pupils are expected to sign and adhere to our FHS iPad Home School Agreement

We have also more recently equipped all of our faculty areas with banks of iPads to enhance the learning and teaching experiences for all year groups.

Useful Links

iPad set up guide for students

Edinburgh Council’s Digital Learning Team have a blog about all aspects of 1:1 learning

Please also see our useful links section on the front page of our website.

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