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North West News and Events 19 November

North West News Events_2020_11_19

North West News and Events

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Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) 21 regional groups are preparing to launch an equalities focused week of events and social media campaign across Scotland on w/c Monday 16th November 2020. The week campaign will be aimed at employers, parents and young people that promotes, illustrates and celebrates diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

They will be using #ajobforeverybody to share stories and experiences which prove that everyone can contribute and be of benefit to employers.

This year they are also introducing a new feature as part of the week – #myskillsmakeme


Northwest Edinburgh News and Events

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Correction to my update

… tomorrow we are back to week two in our rotation and I look forward to seeing everyone back safely.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher

Head Teacher Update 1/11/20

Dear Parents and Students

They say a week is a long time in politics. It feels that the opposite is sometimes true in the life of a school. The weeks are flying by amid a climate of constant change and update. The need to respond to changes in guidance and legislation, which can often be amended several times in one week, risks distracting us from the thing that matters most within our school community. That is, the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and families. In implementing the latest guidance, it will be important to ensure that we do so with empathy and compassion – being mindful that no one chose to be in the current situation. As well as working to keep each other safe, we must protect our ethos of respect and care for each other. Amid sometimes quite contradictory and confusing rules,  it will be important that we support everyone to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ of particular changes. Our staff and students have done so well in the first few months of this session and we can only move forward, operating safely, with a continuation of their cooperation and good will.

This week’s update contains information about practical subjects (PE in particular), extra-curricular activities, face coverings, and some updated information from the SQA. (more…)

Head Teacher Update 19/10/20

Dear Parents and Students

Many thanks to staff, students and parents for their hard work, in the toughest of circumstances,  during this first half term. Thank you to our staff for digging deep, and for being flexible and creative whilst working under extremely demanding conditions. Special thanks to our students for maintaining a positive outlook and supporting us to lead their learning and to keep everyone safe, despite the uncertainty around what the year ahead might look like. Thank you to our parents for the great support and encouragement you have given, for sending the young people off in the morning with the right equipment for the right week, and for making sure they have a face-covering.

Show Racism the Red Card and Black History Month