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Head Teacher Update 18/2/21

Dear Parents and Students

I am writing today to explain our plan to bring groups of senior students back into school to engage in essential learning in preparation for practical assessment. This is the most complicated change we have so far been asked to put into operation. Although this mainly affects senior students, it will have implications for all students and for how we are able to deliver online learning going forward. Please read on to find out how this will impact your child. (more…)

Head Teacher Update, 5/2/21

Dear Parents and Students

We have made it to half-term, and we can all now enjoy a well-deserved break from school-work. Next week should give everyone a chance to re-charge their batteries, ready for whatever comes our way. (I stopped trying to predict these things a long time ago.) You might be glad to hear that today’s update is shorter than usual, with only a few pieces of key information to share. (more…)

Head Teacher Update 31/1/21

Dear Parents and Students

When we closed school for the Christmas holidays on 22nd December, little did any of us know that we would still be working remotely and learning online. Next week we enter our fourth week of online learning. We know this situation will continue until at least the middle of February, and we await the First Minister’s announcement on Tuesday 2nd February to provide an update on when we might return to school. This uncertainty is difficult for everyone and we need to support each other and find strategies to sustain motivation.

I should like to remind you of the supports available on our Online Learning Page, including a reminder of the school day and our Student Guide to Learning from Home. (more…)

Head Teacher Update 24/1/21

Dear Parents and Students

As we finish week 2 of online learning and prepare for week 3, we now know that the current situation will last a bit longer than first anticipated. Although things are changing from week to week and there is no fixed date for a return to school, we do know that we will be continuing to work in this way for some time. It is therefore vitally important that we all work as hard as we can to make the very most of online learning. We want to help all students to engage with their learning and will continue to provide support, be that technical support, support for learning, moral support, or support with wellbeing. (more…)

Head Teacher Update 16/1/21

Dear Parents and Students

Our first week of Online Learning is now complete and I want to thank everyone for the way they have responded to what is an extremely challenging situation. Our teachers have worked incredibly hard to produce materials and present them to you online. I am so proud of our staff and the work they are doing to make things go as smoothly as possible. I am also proud of our students, for the way they have engaged with the learning, and grateful to our parents for the patience and perseverance they have shown.

This update contains information about Online Learning, S2 Course Choice, Staffing, and the latest news from the SQA. It also provides an opportunity for parents to let us know how things are going and to request a contact from the school to provide support. (more…)

Head Teacher Update 8/1/21

Dear Parents and Students

We are looking forward to re-connecting with students next week, even if it is just online for now. I am writing today to give you an update on some of the things we have been working on, in school and at home, to get ready for our online learning starting next week.

Online learning

As you know, learning will be online for the remainder of January, at least. Therefore, we need to make sure that everyone is ready, knows what to expect and knows how to access their learning. During online learning, our two-week rotas will continue and students will follow their timetables as normal (starting on 11th January with week 2). We will continue to have three double periods per day, although the timings have been changed slightly, as detailed below. (more…)

Head Teacher Update 5/1/21

Dear Parents and students

First of all I should like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well.

Government announcements over the weekend, detailing further measures to restrict transmission of COVID-19, require schools to update their plans for the term ahead. As previously communicated, the new term will begin for most young people, with online learning, on Monday 11th January. However, we now know that online learning will extend at least until the end of January.

The school has identified a small number of young people who meet the criteria for in-school provision, which for those students will begin tomorrow – we have communicated with the families involved.

Later this week, I will provide further update regarding our online learning provision and the implications of recent changes for SQA assessment.

Thanks and best wishes.

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher