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S1 News: Welcome to the S1 webpage! Forrester Art Dept website welcomes all new S1 pupils!

Here you will find information to help you with class and homework, plus websites to browse, and some fun web sites to keep you busy!

Remember to get the Edmodo code for your class from either Mr Clark or Mr MacLennan. Lots of information will be put up there and you can even return some of your homework electronically.


S1 Homework 2015-16



S1 Folders – Start of Term Some S1 pupils have requested that an example of S1 folder lettering sheet be displayed online. It can be used for other projects for hand lettering/ crafts/making cards/ posters etc! There are lots of other examples online. Remember your design should include your name and class! The folder will hold all your work from S1 and S2, keeping it clean and damage-free. Can also be used to help with March homework task. Download the PDf file for this sheet below:

File Size: 732 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File





Fun Stuff

S1 Fun Art Websites to look at:

The Artist’s ToolKit – a fun website on the Visual Elements National Gallery,

London – A Colour /Drawing Game National Gallery, London – The Collage machine – make a collage picture! Artisan Cam – an art website for kids Design Your own Jewellery National Gallery, London – Drawing programme using lots of Brush styles SmartKids – A website that looks at all types of Art (this is brilliant!) Mr Picasso Head! – Make a Portrait in the style of Artist Pablo Picasso Make your own Action Figure Comic Strip The Scribbler Tool and Art Gallery – Make a drawing using scribble technique, then upload your artwork to the online Gallery The Artchive – A website which has features on many famous artists The Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition National Gallery, London Tate Gallery London – Many Interactive art Activities/Films etc Tate Gallery London – Art based Games – a Brilliant website! Tate Gallery London – Make a painting then animate it! Free online Photoshop type tool for photo editing on your own home computer Creating Powerpoint presentations

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