L McIntosh (Curriculum Leader) (Chemistry)
L Bruce (Biology/Chemistry)
I Gray (Biology/Chemistry)
J Hayhurst (Biology)
E Masters (Biology) 
G Reid  (Physics)

Links to courses, homework and notes:

CfE S1 and S2       S3 Sciences          Biology       Chemistry           Physics

Supported Study

Please see your teacher if you are finding things difficult, so that you can work together to improve.  Supported study (Higher/National 5) is on at the following times:

Chemistry – Tuesday lunchtime        Biology – Thurs after school    Physics – Fri after school

The Science Department Architecture

S1-3 (Broad General Education)

S1 and S2 Third Level learning experiences and outcomes for science, organised into short courses in biology, chemistry and physics.

S3 Sciences at the Fourth Level.  Includes project work, research, experimentation and reporting.  Some of this work may be banked for a later presentation at National 4 or 5.

S4-6 (Senior Phase)

Progression in the sciences at the senior level (S4-6) is offered through National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics.

Useful Websites/resources
Forrester High School wikispace has links to notes and resources for chemistry, physics and biology, as well as some useful information on the new CfE courses.
This is the official SQA website where you can obtain information for all certificate subjects. In addition there are specimen papers  available to download for free. The marking instructions are also available so you can check how well you’ve done.
This is the Scholar web site which senior pupils should have a password for. This site allows you to read through notes, complete tests and assess your own progress in the sciences at High and Advanced Higher.
There are complete notes for all National Courses including Higher as well as practice tests and short videos to support learning.
Loads of notes and revision materials – complete notes for all Chemistry levels. There are also useful formula / calculation practice, web tests and homework exercises available (auto-marked by the web site for instant feedback).  Please see your teacher for login details.

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