Dance – Got 2 Move

Got 2 Move


Pupils should have a genuine interest in dance/ performing arts and would like to progress to study dance further.

They must be prepared to perform in front on an audience.

This group will be part of our annual Dance show.

Pupils will have to buy suitable clothing and foot wear for the year. Most costumes for shows will be provided.

Course Outline

Pupils will achieve their National Progression Award (NPA) throughout the year.

The course is split into two units:

Technique Unit:

Pupils will focus on the development and application of appropriate dance skills both in a technique class and through the performance of tutor led dance sequences (Hip-hop, Jazz and contemporary)

Choreography Unit:

  • Pupils will take part and complete 4 outcomes as well as Tutor led workshops + tasks
  • Outcome 1- demonstrate choreographic skills
  • Outcome 2 – Use stimuli to create movement
  • Outcome 3- Identify music and design appropriate to choreographic themes.
  • Outcome 4- Analyse a dance piece


This course is an excellent stepping stone for pupils interested in continuing with Dance at National 5 and Higher in senior school.

Career/Employment Opportunities

This course and qualification could lead to

  • Dance performer
  • Dance teacher/instructor
  • Health and Fitness
  • Choreographer
  • Dance management
  • Dance movement therapy


Course Outline

This course would be suitable for pupils who have an interest in Music and want to develop their skills.  It is suitable for all learners, whether they have additional instrumental lessons or not.  Pupil choice is a large element in this course – pupils can choose the instruments they want to study, which pieces they perform, which topics to focus on in more detail etc.

The course will consist of:


You will build on existing performing skills in 2 instruments learned through S1&2.  You will perform a variety of music in a number of styles, and will be expected to work independently and collaboratively as part of a group.  You will have a carefully prepared choice of pieces to learn and perform.


You will develop basic composition skills, using a variety of technology programs and devices.  You will learn about structuring songs and other pieces of music as well as developing your own creativity.

Understanding Music

As well as listening to a variety of music, you will undertake projects focusing on specific styles (e.g. Reggae, Scottish music).  You will also learn about music history, the development of musical styles and musical notation/literacy.

How can Music help with my career choice?

The skills learned through following a music course including self-motivation, discipline, creativity, confidence in performance, are skills for life and work.  Music helps with concentration, self-discipline, and confidence, as well as enabling a creative outlet in a very practical setting.  Possible careers in Music include teacher, music therapist, sound engineer, youth worker, and presenter, as well as opportunities in the armed forces, journalism and event management.

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