English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Rajni Punn is our EAL (English as Additional Language) teacher working at Forrester. She is an experienced teacher with specialist knowledge of bilingualism, language development and support of bilingual learners. She is part of the EAL Service (which is part of the ASL Service) who work in schools across the city and provide expertise, advice, CPD, and bilingual support in Edinburgh’s most common minority languages.

In school, Rajni is very much part of the Support for Learning (SfL) team. She works with a caseload of pupils, observes and supports in class. Rajni updates records on each young person’s stage of EAL development, using a profile of competency inline with the City of Edinburgh Council Guidelines. Using this she observes pupils in classes, talks in detail to class teachers and assesses pupils’ work. Rajni supports the Support for Learning Leader to communicating with EAL learners in relation to their entitlement to assessment arrangements. For example, the use of dictionaries or IT during SQA assessments and exams. Rajni also helps to coordinate interpreters to take part in parents’ meetings.

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