Extra Curricular Programme

The extra curricular programme is noted below:

Forrester High School

Extra-Curricular Programme

  Lunch Coach/Instructor After-School  Coach/Instructor
Monday 5-a-side Football (S2)  Miss Templeton Girls Swimming (S1-6)  MIss Watson
    Girls Hockey  Miss Christie
Tuesday Basketball Gavin   Menzies Dance (S1-2) Miss   Christie
Wednesday Table Tennis (S1-6) Mr   MacPhie Cheerleading Step it   Up Dance
  Matthew   Millar Badminton (S1-3) Mr   Denholm
S1 Football Training Mr   Nisbet    


5-a-side Football (S3) Miss   Collins Rugby Gavin   Sisson
    Netball (S1-3) TBC
    Dance (S3/4) Miss   Christie
    Boys Swimming Panache   & Cristiano
Friday Football (S4-6) Mr   Denholm    
Saturday Football (S1) Mr   Nisbet    



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