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The school day at Forrester High School doesn’t end at 3.30pm when the bell rings. It continues past this, with a huge range of extra curricular physical activity and sports clubs on offer, Monday through to Friday and even some lunch times.

The clubs are open to everyone from S1-6 and are mainly an opportunity to have fun, participate in different activities and stay fit, although there is the opportunity to enter competitions and festivals for some sports. Where possible, the clubs also have links with sports clubs in the local community, providing opportunities to participate beyond school as well.


Joining an extra curricular club couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is have a look at the extra curricular programme and see what activities you wish to participate in. Then simply turn up and join in. If you enjoy it, you need to complete the EE2 for extra curricular clubs and pay £10. The covers you for as many activities as you wish to do for THE WHOLE YEAR!

This is the best value extra curricular sports programme in the whole city and you can be part of it right now.

For more information or if you have any questions or queries, please see Shona in the Community Sports Hub office or contact her via email .

Forrester HS programme can be downloaded here:

Forrester HS programme Sep 17


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