Community Sport Hub

Community Sport Hub

The Scottish Government’s 2014 Legacy Plan sets out key legacy aims, ambitions and initiatives which will be taken forward across Scotland in the run up to and beyond the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. A key feature of the plan is the development of Community Sport Hubs, which aim to increase the number of children, pupils, young people, adults and older adults accessing more opportunities to participate in all forms of physical activity, PE and sport in their local community. The Forrester/St Augustine’s campus was designated a Community Sport Hub by sportscotland in October 2010 and is currently only 1 of 6 schools in Edinburgh to achieve this status.

The school based CSH focuses on a “whole school” approach, which aims to link Primary School activity to High School PE and extra curricular programmes, working in close partnership with school staff, PE teachers, Active Schools coordinators and sports development officers. This approach provides pupils and young people with opportunities to participate in a range of activities throughout their school career and helps to raise the profile of sport, physical activity and the importance of leading active and healthy lifestyles.

Local community sports clubs are encouraged to become involved in school life and support pupils participation through whatever means they can, for example delivering activity within the school day, providing coaches for extra curricular sports clubs, running specific projects to engage pupils who don’t normally participate in physical activity or sport or to support those who have additional needs and requirements. For more information on these projects, please see the Information about projects and activities at the CSH links below.

The clubs working in partnership with the Community Sports Hub benefit by having access to a huge number of pupils and young people of all ages, a raised profile within the local schools and community, improved pathways from school activity into the club, increased numbers of players and club members, access to some of the best facilities in the West of Edinburgh and much more.

The Forrester/St Augustine’s Community Sports Hub has made huge progress since it got off the ground in 2010, with the potential to do much more in the future, with clubs very much driving what happens. If you are involved in a local sports club based in the West and are keen to get involved, please contact Shona Clark, Forrester/St Augustine’s Community Sports Hub –

Sports facilities include:

  • 1 x 25m Swimming pool
  • 2 x Games Halls
  • 2 x Gym Halls
  • 2 x Fitness Suites
  • 2 x 3G Synthetic Pitches
  • 1 x 2G Synthetic Pitch
  • 1 x MUGA (Multi Utility Games Arena)
  • 1 x Rugby Pitch (Grass)
  • 1 x Rugby Training pitch (Grass)
  • 1 x Football Pitch (Grass)
  • 1 x Football Pitch / Athletics Track & Field (Grass)


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