Student Council

The Student Council exists as a forum to express student views on school and community life.

Each House class from S1-S5 is represented and the S6 representatives are the House Captains, School Vice Captain and School Captain. The meetings are facilitated by Mrs Crawford and Mr Rafferty, Head Teacher, also attends. Teachers will also participate as and when required depending upon the topics being discussed.

The Council is important as it is one of the ways of providing a voice for our students and engaging the whole school community. It also develops;

  • Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Enterprise
  • Leadership
  • Positive citizenship

It provides a platform for Teachers to seek students’ opinions when writing courses and allows them to inform students of decisions. We feel that the Council helps integrate the different year groups, unify the school and links the school to the local community and beyond.


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