Careers Help in School

Skills Development Scotland is Scotland’s careers service.

Our qualified Careers Advisers are working in schools and careers centres across the whole of Scotland.

Your SDS Careers Adviser is Grainne Begley and you can get in touch with her through the school. You can also email her directly at

A Careers Clinic is a weekly drop in on offer every Monday at 1.15pm that pupils can access via the careers room on the first floor.

Your SDS Careers Adviser will be there for you all through school, helping you get ready for what you’ll do when you leave. They are part of the 16+ team (see below).

One of the main things your Careers Adviser will help you do is develop your Career Management Skills, which are the key factors you’ll need to make your career a success. They will help you look at your self, strengths, horizons and networks and how they can support you in planning the future.

They will help you to think about what’s best for your future. And they will be there when you need them to back you up while you figure it out.

You’ll take part in groupwork sessions with your Careers Adviser in each year of school, as well as having the opportunity of one-to-one time.

S2 will all be offered a subject choice one to one this year and there is a parent offer at our S2 parents evening.

SDS Careers Advisers will also be able to support your parents, carers and teachers when it comes to talking about careers. They will be at all parents evenings and available for any questions.

Upon leaving school there is a post school offer of support in place for leavers to help with finding an opportunity or improving your career management skills.

The work of SDS Careers Advisers is supported by our careers website My World of Work.

You can use it to explore your career, skills and learning opportunities right through your school and working life. Also we have an Edinburgh Facebook page where you will find lots of useful information

Some people think Careers Advisers are here to tell you what to do. Not true! They help you find the right pathway.

Leaving School/Making Positive Choices

After 4, 5 or 6 years of secondary education, moving onto the next stage of their ‘career’ can be a daunting prospect for many young people.
Whilst there are many supports available in school, having conversations with the people who know them best, parents/carers can be very influential in helping their son / daughter move into a Positive Destination (employment, training, college, university, modern apprenticeship, Edinburgh Guarantee, Activity Agreement, etc.)
This document will help to inform parents/carers to have these conversations in a supportive knowledgeable manner.

16+ Learning Choices

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