Mini Sagas – Pupil Work

Ben Anderson ‘Cholera Killer’

The 1800’s. A massive hairy beast was spreading cholera and taking lives. As the King’s sorcerer, I gave it a bowl full of water containing a transparent potion. The beast was found lying dead the next day. I died as I contracted cholera. I am the cholera killer.


Arran Breckenridge ‘The Basilisk’

The cave shifted as the spine-tingling roar of the Basilisk echoed through. My hand clutched onto the sword as I looked down at the red beast. I climbed onto the banister and dived, sword first, into its back. It sliced through like butter. It roared in pain then collapsed.


Callum Brodie ‘A Painful Death’

I hit the ground hard and screamed. The dark cave echoed with several evil men laughing, who pushed me in. I pushed myself back against the wet cave wall, quickly realising it was blood I was touching. I could tell it was watching me. The hungry minautor. Lights out.


Shannon-Louise Demarco ‘The Loch Ness Monster’

I step onto a rickety boat, with my ‘friend’. We set off to Loch Ness. The lad I’m with is out to get me. He shakes the boat and I plunge into the freezing water. A massive creature from the deep shoots up and capsizes the boat, taking me to shore.


Abbie Eddington ‘My Mysterious Kidnapper’

I screamed as the man covered my face and led me to a car. We drove for ages. After hours, I entered a tower, I was there for days. Suddenly the door hit the ground. There was a handsome looking stranger. He took my hand and led me to safety.


Lucy Falconer ‘The Jaw’

I was swimming in the sea. I was getting ready for a surf competition. When a sea creature jumped out of the water it headed for me. I swam to the shore. The big jaws snapped at my board, but I was safe from the Kraken.


Jonathon Fotheringham ‘The Day the Witches Strike!’

I was staying at a hotel, as some women walked in. I was wondering about the hotel. The women barged into the room. They turned into witches. They created potions to hypnotise everyone, to rule the world. During their meeting, I poisoned them, using their potions, turning them into mice.


Rachel Greig ‘Cinderella’

My own sister pushed the brush into my hands and told me to get cleaning. Just then the doorbell went. A man was going to give everyone an invitation to The Ball. My sister said no, but my Prince came and rescued me, leaving her to do all the work.


Sophie Hardie ‘Loch Ness Disaster!’

I watched from my ship as pirates yelled and threw scraps overboard. Suddenly a big creature, called the Loch Ness Monster, jumped up out of the water, knocking the pirate ship over. I watched in relief as the creature swam away and the boat sank to the rocky sea bed.


Jordan Henderson ‘Dark House’

Arriving at Dark House, finding the lost key, checking most rooms, I get to one. On the bed it lay. Floorboards creaked as I picked up the key. Then the door screeched behind me. Turning around, a blood-drenched man stood there with a knife. He stabbed it through me.


Lauren Hope ‘The Mystery Death in an old ballet studio’

Jack’s porcelain skin glistened in the light, like jewels. The car pulled up outside an old ballet studio. Teeth chattering, I walked in alone, trembling. The hairs on my back stood up like sharp knives. Something jabbed into my stomach. Everything was a blur, as I took my last breath.


Megan Kerr ‘I Battled Through Evil’

I was captured afraid and alone, I had been locked up with the hope of a Prince Charming to save me. He never did. Instead I battled evil creatures, I couldn’t go home. I had to find who captured me. I eventually did and made them pay.


Abi Love ‘The End’

Overwhelmed by the smell of blood from the bullet. An innocent person lay dying in front of me. Being a vampire had its disadvantages. The person before me was the one I loved. I said my goodbyes as I sank my razor-sharp fangs into her neck and ended the pain.


Lauren McLeod ‘My Hero’

I needed help. Medusa towered over me, tying me to a chair, at the top of the castle. My eyes were shut. The door slammed. I risked a peek. It was my Prince. He untied me and carried me downstairs. Howls of rage came from Medusa.


Aaron Murphy ‘Vallerie’s Wall’

As Kimiko walked the Hirogira-shime Bridge, she remembered one thing, that only she could do this. She crossed into Maldigada, where her quest was to begin. She battled many demons, solved dilemmas and saved civilians. As she walked further, Vallerie’s Wall had disappeared. She would never know the truth.


Ashley Murray ‘The Ocean’s Secret’

Overwhelmed by the impact that hit my face, my hands dug into the waves wave and sea. My chest bore the impact. It felt like a boulder crushing my ribs. I had no strength to hold on any longer. I let the darkest mystery of the world take me.


Katie Rankin ‘Death From Beauty’

I sailed through the bay as quietly as I could. It was pointless. They knew I was here. Wrinkly hands touched my boat, a beautiful face appeared. I was in a trance. Her tail glittered the water, as she dragged me to my doom. Beauty killed me.


Morgan Samuel ‘The Sorcerer’s Staff’

My time had come. As I stepped forward the powerful sorcerer spoke his last wise words. The staff’s power ached my body, however once done I felt a new surge of live power that I could control. Then the sorcerer dropped his staff and fell dead. I was crowned.


Channeh See ‘Does She Get Away In Time?’

I was walking in a dark street, someone grabbed me. I screamed and closed my eyes. I opened them. Another man had me over his shoulder. I couldn’t see his face. He was carrying me to safety. When he put me down he disappeared. I never saw him again.


Robbie Stewart ‘The Hellwurm’

We stood back and watched the Hellwurm rise from the crack in the Earth. We loaded our crossbows and shoved the arrow heads into the fire. We shot, they go wide. Its tail slapped down. I stand alone. I reload, aim for its head and it bursts into flame.


David Taggart ‘The Impaled Stone of Camelot’

I was the mightiest stone in Camelot, holding the sword. Many attempted to take my blade. Prophecies told of one who would succeed. He approached. He had the look of a peasant, but the strength of a God. He took it easily. Arthur became King. Now I’m only a pebble.


Alex Tully Sky Phantom

Where it came from, I don’t know. Soaring higher into the sky, talons stretched, I swiped at the beast. Blood streamed down its chest, but still it came. ‘Survival!’, I screamed within me. Eyes closed, I headed into the sun. Blinded, crying defeat, It disappeared as quickly as it had come.

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