S4 Sexual Health Workshops

Our S4 are about to embark on their SHARE – Sexual Health and Relationship Education. We work in conjunction with Wester Hailes Youth Agency to deliver these sessions to our S4 students.

This year we are also working in partnership with Dads Rock. This agency will be carrying out a pilot programme with some of our S4 male students. As part of this programme Napier University are looking to carry out some research to help construct reports for the Scottish Government in order for them to ensure that areas in Sexual Health and Relationship Education are designed to meet young people’s needs. If your son has been identified to take part, they will receive a permission request form and further information from school. Should you wish for your son NOT to take part then please complete the form that has been issued to your son and return to school.

Edinburgh Guarantee Opportunities Bulletin

Please click on the link below to access the latest career opportunities for our young people in Edinburgh. You can keep up to date with all the latest information regarding career opportunities in our Pupil Support Leaders section of the Web Site.

Edinburgh Guarantee Opportunities Bulletin

Numeracy Across Learning News

Winner of the 2016 Numeracy across Learning S1 Post Box Panel competition is: Natasha Young in S1.

WELL DONE Natasha!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – S2 Learning Review Parent / Carer Information

Profuse apologies for any confusion caused by a text and tweet message that has gone out in error in connection with our forthcoming S2 Learning Review Parent / Carer Information Evening.  The information as was in the school calendar and on Future Events on the website contains the accurate date for this event, Thursday 26th January 2017, 6-6.45pm

Please accept sincere apologies for any confusion caused, a letter will come home via your son / daughter on Monday 16th January with the details and a follow up reminder will be on the website and text / tweet will also come out nearer the 26th January as a reminder.


The current top ePraise students S1-3 in school and those who have now achieved their bronze certificate were invited to a Christmas movie morning this week as a way of celebrating their success. These pupils have been working exceptionally hard over the past few weeks across all their subjects and have been a awarded with ePraise points along the way.

Our pupils continue to excel in many fields and display many talents. We are delighted to be sharing their successes with you all and hope that this continues into 2017.

Students travelling to Milton Road College

There are some gas works about to take place around the campus of Edinburgh College, Milton Road which might affect bus routes to and from this venue. Students who travel to Milton road should read further information direct from the college website. Please click on the link below.

Works at Milton Road Campus