ELP Garden


Mr Carter and his S3 class appeared in the ELP today with all these beautiful things they have been making for the ELP garden. Fantastic work and what a lovely surprise!

Edinburgh Guarantee Opportunities Bulletin

Please click on the link below to access the latest career opportunities for our young people in Edinburgh. You can keep up to date with all the latest information regarding career opportunities in our Pupil Support Leaders section of the Web Site.

Edinburgh Guarantee Opportunities Bulletin

LEAPS Parent’s Evening

Many thanks to all who came along to our LEAPS event this week. For those who were not able to manage it along, please click on the link below to access the slides from the evening.

Forrester – LEAPS parent’s evening

S4 Work Experience

Work Experience

All pupils will begin the process of selecting jobs for their weeks work experience this week through SE. All self found forms must be returned to Mrs MacPhie no later than 16th September. 

Work Experience  lunch time drop in sessions take place on Thursday in Mrs MacPhie’s office.


Our Young Philanthropy Initiative project has kicked off with our S3 students. They have been busy working in SE, identifying local charities that they are keen to support in a bid to secure £3000 for their chosen organisation. Information will be distributed to parents of S3 students over the course of the week.

Celebrating Success


All students will be invited to assemblies this week to hear about some of the successes that our talented students have achieved! In addition all students will hear about our new EPRAISE system and will be encouraged to continue with all their hard work in a bid to gain as many points as they can!! If you have any stories of success that you wish to share then post to our twitter account @forriestars