JET Celebration

Our lovely JET students had their end of placement excursion today to the Edinburgh Dungeons, and they survived!

Edinburgh Guarantee Opportunities Bulletin

Please click on the link below to access the latest career opportunities for our young people in Edinburgh. You can keep up to date with all the latest information regarding career opportunities in our Pupil Support Leaders section of the Web Site.

Edinburgh Guarantee Opportunities Bulletin

Interested in a Career in Medicine?

In collaboration with a group of medical students and doctors, Science Insights are running an event on Monday 8th May called “You Can Be a Doctor!”

This is for S2/S3 pupils and their parents who are thinking about pursuing a career in medicine. They will hear from a practicing doctor, current medical students and a member of the team here to find out more about the medical profession and what they will need to be focussing on for the next few years. They can sign up here:


Career Ready Graduations

Over the last 2 years 4 of our S6 pupils have successfully completed the Career Ready Programme. They have taken part in masterclasses and workplace visits as well as developing working relationships with a mentor in the world of work. The pupils also took part in a 4 week paid internship in the summer of 2016.

This has been a fantastic experience for these pupils and has helped them to develop a wide range of employability skills as well as to explore various career options available to them. Their achievements were recognised at a national graduation ceremony in Perth on Wednesday 19 April.

Well done to all pupils who have taken part in the Career Ready Programme you should be very proud of your achievements.

Dress Code Update April 2017

The school will continue with the same dress code policy moving into the new academic year 17 – 18.

For Juniors S1-3: All pupils should wear a Black or White Forrester HS polo top or a White shirt and relevant house tie. Black trousers/Skirt and black footwear. A black FHS jumper / sweatshirt or plain black jumper can be worn on top.

Seniors S4-6: All pupils should wear a shirt and relevant house tie with black trousers/skirt. An FHS school logo sweater or cardigan or a plain Black jumper can be worn over the shirt. (S6 pupils will wear an FHS S6 green tie)


  • Leggings are not dress Code and pupils continually wearing them will be asked to wear a skirt provided by the school; or be sent home to get changed.
  • Skirts should be professional length( Excepted as appropriate dress in the work place)
  • Hoodies are not dress code and should be removed within the school.
  • Jackets, scarfs and hats should be removed in the building, and either carried, in bags or placed in pupil lockers for the duration of the school day.  At no time should any of these items be worn in class.
  • If a pupil is cold in school wearing a shirt, it is advised to wear a black FHS jumper on top.
  • Pupils are encouraged to wear a black jacket to school, removed on entering the building and as per previous bullet point, only put back on on leaving the building.

To order school dress code, please follow the link below:

School ties can purchased from the schools main office any time. For further clarity, please visit the school webpage:

The new timetable for all pupil starts in June, so S3 pupils will need to purchase their relevant house tie before this date.

Thank you in advance for your continued support on this matter

Skillforce Tea Party

Well done to our S5 students who work each week throughout the year with the Skillforce group. They hosted a staffroom tea party last week in aid of help the heroes and this week they have a dress down day on Friday for end of term. We’ll get a combined total of the money raised after Easter.