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Dress Code

Parents are asked to cooperate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school dress code. Our Dress Code was agreed in consultation with parents, students, staff and the Parent Council.

Wearing School Dress Code contributes to a positive school ethos, helps avoid discrimination and reduces peer pressure to wear expensive designer clothing. Furthermore, a school’s reputation can also be enhanced in the local community by the wearing of school uniform and school security is improved as uniform makes it easier to identify intruders. Our Dress Code has evolved over the years, is flexible and easy for students and parents to obtain.

Equality and Diversity

  • We have a gender-neutral uniform policy at Forrester High School. It is equal for all pupils and is compliant with the Equality Act 2010.
  • Forrester High School supports all pupils in wearing uniform which aligns with their gender-identity.


  • Black or white Forrester polo shirt; or shirt and school tie
  • Black Forrester Jumper/FHS Hoodie/Black jumper (small logo)
  • Plain black trousers/skirt/jeans/leggings or Track suit bottoms
  • Black shoes or trainers


All senior pupils should wear a white shirt and school tie along with black trousers/skirt.

The following items are not suitable:
Football tops, track suits, T-shirts, large logo clothing, crop tops, Crocs, flip flops/sliders, slippers, brightly coloured clothing, or items which expose the waistline.

A strong school dress code contributes to an ethos of equity and social justice. We very much appreciate parents support for and promotion of our school dress code.

Forrester Dress Code can be purchased online from Border Embroideries.

We want to remove any barriers to wearing school dress code and we provide assistance through our Pupil support Officers, Sarah Ross and Lisa Thomson.

Contact: if you need any support with this. Also, please see our Support for Parents and Families page.