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Getting started with study – the first thing to do is plan when you are going to study, what you are going to study and how you will check whether your study has been effective (Self-evaluation or self-assessment). Be systematic and keep a record of your study so that you cover all topics.

Use self-evaluation tools (e.g. Traffic Lights) to identify the areas you need to work on – although it’s tempting, don’t spend too long on the topics you are already good at.

Use mind maps to create visual pathways of how topics are linked within a subject.

Use flashcards to help learn important facts and terminology.

Learning starts with an intention – if you’re going to be a success, you first have to choose to learn and make progress.

Taking responsibility for your own learning starts right here. Achieve helps you plan, monitor and evaluate your own study and has excellent self-evaluation tools built in. 

Packed with quizzes, tutorials and SQA past paper questions (linked to topics) Achieve is a must for all students in the senior phase.

For support with getting signed up, just click the link below.