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Parent Council Information Sheet

Parent Council Information Sheet 17424 A list of what the parent council does, what it doesn’t do, and likely time commitments if you want to get involved.

1st November – Coffee Evening 4.30 – 5.30

Members of the Parent Council will be supporting this event, as well as using it as an opportunity to talk to other parents about the duties of the Parent Council, and to encourage participation.

New meeting dates

12th September 2023 14th November 2023 23rd January 2024 12th March 2024 23rd April 2024 11th June 2024 (AGM)

Easter study support – food & drink from the Parent Council

Jackie Barn (Deputy Chair of the Parent Council) has arranged for a variety of snacks to be dropped off at the school to keep the energy up of those pupils accessing the Easter study support sessions. Funding was agreed at the March Parent Council meeting.

Next meeting 7th March

Click on “read more” to see the agenda for this meeting (which starts at 7pm & will be held in the school meeting room) & the minutes from our last meeting. FHS PC Agenda 7th March 2023 FHS PC minutes 10th Jan 2023 FHS PC actions from 10th Jan 2023