Craft, Design & Technology


Teaching Staff

Callum Watson

Ryan Carter ( CL Home Economics and Craft, Design & Technology)

Support Staff

Calum Burns (Technician)

Departmental Twitter: @FHS_HE_CDT



The Craft, Design & Technology department consists of two practical workshops and two classrooms, one with a full suite of Desktop PC’s. Staffed by 2 full-time Teaching staff and 1 part-time Technician.


Senior Phase Curriculum (S4-S6)

National Qualifications

Graphic Communication at National 4, 5 & Higher level

The  Graphic Communication Course enables learners to develop skills in graphic communication techniques, including the use of equipment, graphics materials and software. Learners extend and apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication standards, protocols and conventions, and develop an understanding of the impact of graphic communication technologies on our environment and society.

Useful Websites:

SQA Subject Information

Past Papers & Marking Instructions

Practical Woodworking at National 4 & 5 level

The Practical Woodworking Course enables learners to gain skills in woodworking techniques and in measuring and marking out timber sections and sheet materials. Learners develop safe working practices in workshop environments, practical creativity and problem-solving skills, and an understanding of sustainability issues in a practical woodworking context.

Useful Websites

SQA subject information & specimen exam papers



Broad General Curriculum (S1-S3)

Learners gain exposure to the third level Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics  benchmarks.  Through this they gain experiences in designing and constructing models, exploring different materials and the role they play in the modern world, representing ideas, concepts and products through a variety of graphic media and gaining an understanding of various engineering applications.

Useful Websites – these websites can be used by S1-S3 learners to further their skills and knowledge.


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