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Are YOU interested in a Career in Art & Design………………? At one time works of art and well-designed homes, furnishings and artefacts were the privilege of the wealthy. Advances in technology and manufacturing have meant that artists and designers now have a part to play in the lives of everyone and creative industry reaches far and wide.


There is now an increasing demand for people trained in Art and Design in a wide variety of disciplines in the workplace.

Qualifications in Art and Design The first step on the road to a career involving Art and Design is undertaking the National 4 or National 5 certificate. This qualification would be the minimum requirement for a variety of Further Education courses such as Retail Display, Graphic Design and Exhibition Design. It is also highly recommended for many others such as Beauty Therapy and Childcare. NB. – A portfolio of artwork plus several other National 5 qualifications is also required. Most pupils would then go on to complete a 5/6th year Higher before applying to a College of Further Education/ Art school or University. Local Colleges offer a variety of modular courses which means that pupils can advance their qualifications depending on the extent of their ability. The minimum length of study depends on the course chosen, but would not in any case be more than one year. A typical qualification from one of these colleges would be an H.N.C or an H.N.D. certificate.

Outwith the National courses, a portfolio preparation year is offered to prepare students in S6 for application to the Colleges of Art to go on to Degree level study. Students committed to this pathway to Art College must have a minimum of four B Higher passes plus a minimum of three other National 5 qualifications to apply. Beyond National 5 Higher Grade This is required for entry to a more advanced level of course in the above colleges and for application to a Scottish College of Art (and also to any equivalent English College or University). These colleges award Degrees and therefore require students to have a minimum of four B passes at Higher level (including Art and Design and English), plus three other subjects at National 5. The minimum length of study is four years, the first of which is a general introduction to the different areas of specialism – i.e. Design, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and many more. The degree awarded is a B.A. (Hons.). Excellence is recognised in the form of an award for a further year’s study resulting in an M.A. A further option is available in the form of a Degree in Fine Art. This course is divided between the College of Art and the University where specialist studies take place on the History of Art. The degree awarded is an M.A. (Hons.). This course is offered by a limited number of establishments across the U.K. All the pictures of Scottish Art schools below have links to their websites- Please click on photos to link to each art school for more info.


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Careers in Art & Design The following is a list of just a few of the careers which require some training from National 5 up to HNC and HND qualifications: National 5 and/or Higher: Hairdressing Beauty Therapy Sign Writing/Production/Mac Operator in Printing company Floristry

Higher and/or HNC – HND : Retail Display (Shop and window dressing) Exhibition Design (Galleries, conferences and information centres, etc.) Landscape Design (Garden and landscape design for private and public buildings) Photography (Portrait, fashion, photo journalism, sports events, etc)

Film and T.V. (Make up, sets, costumes, props, etc.) Graphic Design (Design for print, advertising, publicity, web design illustration, etc.) Interior Design (Design for living and working environments. Co-ordination of colour, textures, furnishings, etc.)

Degree in Art & Design Industrial Design (Working with engineers to design working artefacts such as cars, computers, household appliances/medical machinery, etc. – N.B. this may also requires Maths/Physics/ Computing and Science) Textile Design (Printed and/or woven cloth design for furnishings/clothing fabrics etc.) Fashion Design (Design of clothing)

Restoration and Conservation (Caring for and preserving works of art, textiles, buildings, working in museum service etc.) Theatrical and Costume Design (Design for stage sets, props, costumes, etc.) Film and T.V. (Cameras, lighting etc.) Architecture (Design of buildings – private homes and public buildings)

Jewellery Design (Design of traditional and/or modern jewellery/trophies and medals) Layout Editor (Printing industry – Design for newspapers, magazines, books, etc.) Furniture design/Production (Design for mass produced or specialist handmade furniture) Graphics (Design for illustration, advertising, corporate identity design, website design, packaging design, etc.)

Computer graphics/animation (Design for film/animated film/advertising/games etc) Teaching Art (In Primary/Secondary or Further Education colleges) Art Therapy (In hospitals/ with the elderly or disabled/ in community work) Artist (Full time self-employed Freelance artist – painting or producing artwork/graphics/website design)

If you are considering a career in Art and Design and you need further information, the staff of the Art and Design Department are happy to offer advice and help. Additionally, the school Careers Officer can provide you with other information.

Useful Careers Links for Art & Design General links: – Website which gives careers advice for all curriculum areas – Careers advice website

Colleges of Art & Design: – Cardonald College – Reid Kerr College – City of Glasgow College – Glasgow School Of Art – Edinburgh College of Art – Aberdeen Art School (Robert Gordon’s University) – Dundee Art College Creative Courses:

University for the Creative Arts -Information about the top 10 art courses in Britain ranging from digital arts to painting and design


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