Modern Languages

The Relevance of Modern Languages

Nowadays many employers feel that knowledge of another language is an important skill in the modern workplace. We live in a multilingual world and must take account of other languages and cultures.

Our economic wealth depends on trading with our partners and competitors.  Being able to communicate in a foreign language enables us to compete more succesfully in the global marketplace. Furthermore, countless university courses offer the possibility to study abroad. Learning another language also opens a window to another culture.

Finally, while learning a foreign language we are acquiring concepts, skills and habits that make acquiring other foreign languages much easier and these life skills are highly valued by employers.


Languages currently on offer are French and German

It is the policy of the Scottish Government that by 2020 at the latest all pupils in Scottish schools should be learning TWO foreign languages. These languages(L2 and L3) are to be introduced in P1 and P5 and then carried on into secondary school for the duration of the BGE, until the end of S3.  Along with a number of Edinburgh Secondary schools we are piloting with our S1 classes the  teaching of our cluster L2 (French) for 2 periods and the cluster L3 ( German) for 1 period. We shall monitor and evaluate as we take forward this new initiative.


In S1 and S2 all four skills of Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing are developed through the following themes.

  • All about me
  • The French / German Connection
  • In the Town
  • At the market / Shopping
  • School
  • House / Home
  • Celebrations
  • Lifestyles / Health and wellbeing



All pupils in S3 continue with the study of one foreign language allowing opportunity for personalisation and choice.  Our current  S3 Themes are:

  • Holidays
  • Free time
  • Employability
  • Environment

Senior School

Students can progress to National 4 or National 5 in S4 and Higher in S5.

These courses offer students opportunities to develop and extend a wide range of skills. Students will develop broad, generic skills which will encourage employability, enterprise, citizenship and thinking skills all of which are valued in the modern workplace.

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