Mhairi Sheail (CL Music & Drama)
Billy Duffy – Teacher of Music
Facebook – @forrestermusicdrama   
Twitter – @forrester_music
The Music Department at Forrester is very much a thriving place where active learning is a key focus of the Department’s work. There are 2 members of Teaching Staff and 7 visiting Instrumental Instructors who come in at various times throughout the week to offer specialist individual and group learning on a range of instruments.  For more information on the Instrumental Music provision, please contact the CL, Mhairi Sheail.
From S1, students get a chance to learn a variety of classroom instruments in their weekly Music lessons and get access to a wide range of state of the art technology throughout the Department. Both classrooms are equipped with 10 Apple Mac computers which run programmes such as Garageband, Cubase and Sibelius and students use this technology to design and create their own compositions at various levels.  There is also access to a bank of iPads to support learning and teaching.  We have a new Recording Studio, again with state of the art technology, where students get to record each other play and add a range of effects to enhance their performances.
In the Broad General Education, Music is offered to all S1 and S2 students in 1 period per week, and to S3 students who choose the subject in 3 periods per week.  Throughout the Broad General, students will learn to play at least 2 classroom instruments (drum kit, keyboard, guitar, tuned percussion, bass guitar), and will develop a variety of skills to support their learning in the Senior Phase and beyond.
In the Senior Phase, Music is offered at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.  Students choosing Music in S4, S5 or S6 will work towards a qualification best suited to their experience and ability, following discussion with teaching staff.

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