Drama Useful Web Links

Use these websites for independent study:

Learning and Teaching Scotland


BBC Revision site – useful for examination preparation


General Theatre Links

A Thumbnail History of Commedia Dell’Arte
An in depth look at Commedia Dell’Arte, with drawings and descriptions of stock characters and their colourful costumes.

Wikipedia: Theatre of Ancient Greece
An overview of Ancient Greek theatre, including a look at the costumes traditionally worn and the theatre itself.


Shakespeare and the Globe

60 Second Shakespeare
Create your own interpretation of Shakespeare in one minute. Learn film and audio skills online and send us your short film or radio version of a Shakespeare play.

Shakespeare’s Globe
Take a virtual tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and get an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

Royal Shakespeare Company: Exploring Shakespeare
This site has video clips of actors and directors discussing important parts of the plays and clips of famous scenes from those plays.



The World of Mime Theatre
An online community with lots of articles and resources to give you a great understanding of mime.


Mime techniques

Pulling a rope

Trapped in a box

Sad emotions

Afraid and angry (mad)


Technical Aspects of Theatre

The Backstage Information Guides
This site has lots of technical advice on safety, lighting, sound and stage management in the theatre.

The Costume Page
This is a huge collection of information on costume design and its history with loads of links to other pages to help you gain a broader understanding.


Applying Theatrical Make-up

For fake wounds

For fake bruises

For old man

For grey hair

For special effects


Theatres, Theatre Companies and Drama Schools 

Fantastic resources on plays which have been produced in these theatres. Watch videos of rehearsals and interviews with cast, designers and directors and find out about opportunities for wider participation.

National Theatre of Scotland

Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Festival and Kings Theatres

Traverse Theatre

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Formerly RSAMD)

These links have a wealth of information on production skills, playwrights and performances. Check out their videos.




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