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Dress Code Reminder to all Parents

Dear Parent,

Your support in helping us maintain high standards of Dress Code is very much appreciated.  Improving achievement, attainment and ethos in our school is connected to raising standards in how our young people present and how they dress.  And as part of reducing the cost of the school day, it is vitally important they come to school dressed appropriately and ready to learn.

In anticipation of Dress Code being replenished for the start of the new term in August, please be reminded that leggings / track suit bottoms do not conform with the Forrester High School Dress Code. 

If your son / daughter is in the Senior Phase……

…. we would appreciate, when purchasing new Dress code items for the start of the new term in August that they always wear a shirt and house tie (S4 / S5) or green S6 tie along with black trousers or a skirt.  Ties are available for purchase at the main office.  

Full details of the Forrester Dress Code can be found on the website at:

If you are experiencing any financial barriers to purchasing dress code, please contact our pupil support officer who may be able to help. Sarah Ross