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Education Governance Review

The Education Governance Review is about how education is run in Scotland – this is an opportunity for staff and parents / carers to give their views about proposed changes to the education system.

The starting point for the Scottish Government is we have a good education system, with good nurseries and schools and good early years practitioners and teachers. But it’s also true that Scottish education does not deliver the same outcomes for all children, particularly children from the poorest backgrounds. The Review is concerned with how Scottish education can deliver excellence and equity –meaning to raise standards in education for all children and young people and to close the educational attainment gap.

The Review is interested in some  significant issues and challenges – like giving more power to schools about what and how they teach, devolving decision making from Local Authorities to head teachers and schools, changing the way funding is allocated, developing more community-led learning particularly in remote and rural settings. There is an idea for new education regions.

There are a number of key questions posed by the Review.

  • What services and support should be delivered by schools?
  • How can children, parents, communities, employers, colleges, universities and others play a stronger role in school life? What actions should be taken to support this?
  • How can the governance arrangements support more community-led early learning and childcare provision?
  • How can effective collaboration amongst teachers and practitioners be further encouraged and incentivised?
  • How could the accountability arrangements for education be improved?

How to get involved

  • The full Education Governance Review document is published HERE
  • Give your response to the Review online HERE