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Forrester family support

We fully understand Coronavirus has severely affected almost all families within in our Forrester community and many are finding it extremely difficult being at home feeding mouths, and at the same time trying to home school children. If you feel you would like some temporary help with any of the following items mentioned below, please get in touch and we will arrange either a drop off delivery or arrange a meeting point where you can pick up from. This will most likely be St Augustine’s High school, but we are also working very closely with Broomhouse One Stop Shop and other local convenience stores to reduce the need for walking and unnecessary exposure outside.

  • Breakfast packs (This will include bagels, cereal, porridge, fruit juice and beans)
  • Stationary packs (This will include pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, rulers, paper and colouring pens)
  • Comfort packs (This will conclude shampoo, soap, sanitary wear, deodorant and other toiletries)
  • Work print outs (Not everyone has access to a digital device suitable for work or may find it hard to operate one. If you have no printer and would like us to provide you with a pack of work, we can arrange a basic pack for S1-3 pupils)
  • Digital device (If you have no access to a digital device and have been working on your phone, please can you complete this survey and we will look to provide you with a device in the next few weeks).
  • You would like to speak to someone about your wellbeing, coursing, careers or leaving school, please contact one of the staff below.

Burns: Lauren Flannigan-Brown

Redpath:Kate MacPhie / Eilidh McLaren

Telford:Jacqueline Forbes / Eilidh McLaren

To access any of this support, please either email the school  or text/call Sarah Ross on 07895331420

Stay safe

John MacPhie
Acting Depute Headteacher

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