Welcome to Forrester High School’s website. We hope you find the site informative and a useful tool for keeping in touch with what is happening across the school.

The site is your guide to our school and to our vision for our school community.

Our school aims to provide all of our learners with a positive experience and we want to make learning fun and exciting for our students. We hope you find a reflection of that in our website.

We are committed to establishing the school as a centre of excellence within our community and seek to challenge all of our young people to make the most of the learning and extra-curricular opportunities available to them. Most importantly, we want them to enjoy their learning.

We will provide the highest quality learning experiences in a supportive and caring environment. We want to make every student’s experience unique. One which is tailored to individual student’s needs enabling them to achieve their full potential.

This is a school at the heart of its community and we want to draw on the rich resources available to all of us to ensure students have a stimulating, rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable time at school. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure that together we develop young people who are fully equipped to deal with the challenges they face when they leave school and have the motivation and determination to succeed in their chosen path in life.

Stephen Rafferty, Head Teacher

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