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Head Teacher update 29/8/20

Dear parent

Please find below a short update and some links to keep you informed of changes and developments in school.

Face Coverings

Following an announcement from the Scottish Government, you should have received a letter on Thursday from the City of Edinburgh Council which contained updates on a number of important themes including the wearing of face coverings. (Please see link to that letter here).

“… everyone must now use face coverings in crowded spaces and in transit in our school communities from next Monday 31 August.”

What this means for us at Forrester:

Face covering should be worn:

  • When moving to and from classes
  • During break and lunch time when standing in the social area and when moving to and from the social area

Face coverings will not be required:

  • Whilst outside
  • Whilst sitting in small friendship groups in designated areas
  • During lessons – although the wearing of face coverings is not necessary during lessons, we continue to support those who wish to do so

We shared this information with all students on Friday and we will continue to support them to contribute responsibly to keeping themselves and others safe.

Going to the shops at lunch time

To protect the more vulnerable members of our community and those who may previously have been shielding, I should remind students who go out for lunch of the need to maintain a social distance and respect the space of others. Face coverings will also be required inside the shops.

Water Fountains

We are working hard to get the go-ahead to allow students to use the water fountains for filling their water bottles. Our Business Manager has done some work on risk assessments and strict protocols for the use of water fountains for this purpose. This is likely to be adopted across the City and we should have permission to use our fountains once again in the next few days. I will update students and parents when our fountains are operational once more.

Thanks and best wishes

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher

P.S. Next week is a week 2 in our rotation – period 2, 4 and 6 on student timetables.