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Head Teacher Update, 5/2/21

Dear Parents and Students

We have made it to half-term, and we can all now enjoy a well-deserved break from school-work. Next week should give everyone a chance to re-charge their batteries, ready for whatever comes our way. (I stopped trying to predict these things a long time ago.) You might be glad to hear that today’s update is shorter than usual, with only a few pieces of key information to share.

Phased Return of Senior Students to Engage in Essential Learning

Following the First Minister’s announcement on Tuesday, we are now planning how we will bring groups of senior students back into school to engage in essential learning in preparation for practical assessment. We are not allowed to have more than eight percent of the school population in the building, at any given time, for this purpose. That makes things quite complex, and we need to carefully plan how we do this, in a way that is safe and as fair and equitable as possible. We also want to limit the impact this change will have on our online learning offer. Planning will continue when we return from half-term break and we will let you know which groups will be expected in school at particular times.

Online Learning

Thank you again for taking the time to let us know how things had gone in week 3 of Online Learning. I have now opened the week 4 survey which can be found at the following link:

Staff Catch-up Meeting

I enjoyed a very positive catch-up meeting with staff this afternoon, where I was able to share some of your great feedback. Although I’m sure there will have been some tired people on the call, the meeting was very upbeat. We talked a lot about learning, and staff shared ideas of what has been working well in different areas. Although it is always good for staff to hear positive feedback, what has really energised people this week has been the positive engagement of students. So, thank you all for your contribution and support. Teachers noted that it makes a real difference when students are there on time, stay online for the duration of the lesson and contribute to the discussion.

Goodbye and Thanks to Mrs Latsiou

Today we say goodbye to Mrs Latsiou who has been working in the Maths Department since August, covering for Ms Watson. I would like to thank Mrs Latsiou for her dedication, hard work and contribution to the Maths Department and to the school. I should also welcome back Ms Watson who returns following maternity leave.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support and wish everyone a restful holiday and hope that we can return, reinvigorated, to online learning on Tuesday 16th February (which will be week 2 of our timetable rota).

Best wishes

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher