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Head Teacher Update 8/6/22

Dear parents and students

The holidays are fast approaching and we have a lot to cram in between now and the 1st July, when school breaks for the summer.

P7-S1 Transition

Tonight, we welcome our P7 parents for an information evening prior to next week’s P7 to S1 transition visits. A huge amount of work has gone into preparing everyone for the three-day visit both here and in the primary schools. There have been opportunities to visit school for various events and we are really looking forward to getting everyone together for the first time.

Celebrating Success and Award Ceremony

Tomorrow afternoon, we will celebrate some of the successes of the year with an award ceremony for all our prize winners. This event has been scaled down this year, due to COVID, and may look quite different going forward.

Parent Council (Parent Forum) Annual General Meeting 14/6/22

Our Parent Council are hosting its Annual General Meeting in school next Tuesday from 7:00pm. All parents are included in our Parent Forum and are warmly invited to attend this meeting. The meeting will be face to face with the opportunity, if preferred, to attend online.

During this meeting, office bearers are appointed for the following school year (Chair, Deputy, Treasurer and Secretary).

If you would like to attend this meeting in person or online, please let us know using the survey linked below:

Anxiety Supports for Parents and Carers

The Early Intervention team at CAMHs have added two new Anxiety Resources to help parents support their child or teenager, the new leaflet is attached here:

You can also find all the resources on the CAMHS NHS Lothian website – Online Resources (

New Resources include:

A relaxation booklet for children

A Self Help Guide for parents on supporting their child with anxiety 

Part 1 : Understanding and Talking about worries

Part 2 : Anxiety Traps

Part 3 : Overcoming Anxiety

Part 4 : Looking After Yourself and Further information  

These are added to the previously available resources which were developed by CAMHS and Psychological Services:   

Parent’s Anxiety Workshops Recorded information sessions. These are also available in BSL.  

Part 1: Understanding Anxiety   

Part 2: Supporting your child with anxiety

Computerised CBT for parents on Supporting their Child/Teen with Anxiety a module course you can work through at your own pace via the platform Silvercloud at  this is free to sign up using the Access code: Lothian

The flyer also highlights some useful websites and resources and links to the adult mental health website Home – Wellbeing Lothian

Finally, thank you for your continuing support with getting students into school on time and in as close to dress code as possible. There has been a great improvement in both of these over the last few weeks.

Thanks and best wishes

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher