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Head Teacher Update (Day 1)

Dear Parents and Students

It was great to have the first groups of students back at school today. We welcomed our S2 who fitted back in to school life, despite not having been here for 5 months, and coped well with the changes that we have needed to make. We also welcomed our new S1 for the first time. They did very well to get to grips with all the new ways of working. Both groups were in very good spirits and were a credit to themselves.

Tomorrow it is the turn of S3 and S4 and we look forward to welcoming them as follows:

S3 should arrive at 8:25am

S4 should arrive at 8:45am

Both groups should arrive on time (not too early and not late) and go directly to their DMT (Daily Morning Tutor) class where the new procedures and ways of working will be explained to them. It would be good if all students could bring a large bottle of water with them since our water fountains will not be in operation.

Students are permitted to wear face coverings if they choose. Today, this has helped some students to feel more confident. Face coverings will be most important for those who intend to go out for lunch or for those traveling by public transport.

I look forward to seeing all S3 and S4 students tomorrow and then S5 and S6 on Friday.

Thanks, and best wishes

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher