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Librarian: Julie Sutherland BA Hons, MCLIP

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While school is closed for most pupils, Edinburgh School Librarians have created a daily literacy challenge for pupils. It’s totally up to you if you want to take part, but Why Don’t You try one of these suggestions…


Powerpoint Why don’t you… weekly

Each week of challenges will be posted on the library webpage and daily challenge reminders will appear on twitter and in Library Teams

See previous challenges here


     New for 2021! Follow the Scottish Book Trust         Teenage Book Prize 


Love books? Love sharing your opinion? Volunteer to write reviews for  Teen Titles Magazine

Contact Ms Sutherland in teams if you want to take part


Library News! Royal Society Book Judges decide their winner!

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize Forrester’s winner is announced!


Please look at the pages below for information on how the library can support you.

How to access free reading resources

How to borrow and return books safely

Track & Trace in the library



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