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Librarian: Julie Sutherland BA Hons, MCLIP

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Now that we are back in school the library is open from 8am to 3.45pm daily (closes 2pm on Fridays) except at 10-10.15 am for break and 12-12.45pm for lunch. Access is for study and returning library books only.

Please look at the pages below for information on how the library can support you.

What’s going on in the library this term…

  • Love books? Love sharing your opinion? Volunteer to write reviews for  Teen Titles Magazine  Contact Ms Sutherland in teams if you want to take part.



Previously in the Library… 

Why Don’t You – try one of our lockdown literacy challenges 


The Scottish Book Trust Teenage Book Prize 

A group of pupils read and discussed these books during lockdown this year. Their winner was White Eagles by Elizabeth Wein

The TBP winner will be announced on Monday 24 May.


For International Women’s Day pupils from CEC secondary schools had the opportunity to interview International Women’s footballer Fiona Brown, thanks to Edinburgh City Libraries and one of our S4s question was selected.


Check out the podcast here



Two of our pupils took part in the challenge for CEC secondary pupils to take over Edinburgh City Library’s twitter account for LGBT+ History Month. Pupils bombarded @TalesOfOneCity with tweets about their favourite LGBT+ heroes in books. Inspired by their enthusiasm we now have almost all of their favourite titles in the school library!



Royal Society Book Judges decide their winner!

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize Forrester’s winner is announced!




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