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Welcome to the library pages!

During the Coronavirus pandemic, I will be here to support your reading; there are lots of free resources out there and some great reading suggestions for you to try. I’ll keep you up to date with what I have been reading on my twitter feed @LibrarianFHS, I’d love to hear what you’re reading too. I will also explain reading schemes and let you know where you can download the related tasks from.

Firstly, lets introduce you to some great places to get free ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines… these will be added to as I discover new ones!

Free Stuff

Edinburgh Libraries have a fantastic range of free resources at  if you are not a current member, complete the online form to get access or, if you are under 16, email me and I will try to help with that.  Contact me at


OverDrive (adult, teen and kids titles)


OverDrive (adult, teen and kids titles)

RBdigital (adult, teen and kids titles)

BorrowBox (adult titles)

uLIBRARY (adult titles)


• RBdigital (over 100 UK and US popular magazine titles)

• PressReader (over 300 UK and 3000 worldwide titles)


PressReader (over 100 UK & Irish and 6000 worldwide titles)


Other free reading sources : Just heard about …

Audible audiobooks –  free access to streaming Audibile while schools are closed.


S13 Reading Schemes

Encouraging Reading



The Library Resource Centre (LRC) is a bright and lively area. It provides support for both students and staff, and houses a wide range of books, on-line resources, CD’s, publications and a computer suite.

Students use the LRC as part of the timetabled curriculum with their classes. They may also use the LRC independently before school, at lunchtime and at the end of the school day. It’s a great place to meet friends, finish homework, study for exams, check email and learn about career opportunities and Higher Education.

The LRC promotes reading for pleasure and independent learning. Using computer software such as Accelerated Reader we promote continuity from Primary School to Secondary, and in liaison with Primary School, can assess individual learning and reading needs before students start their new school.


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