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Learning Together – invitation to focus group/discussion meeting

Dear Parent

The City of Edinburgh Council recently produced guidance for schools on working with parents and families, entitled Learning Together.

Learning Together describes Parental Involvement as the ways in which parents can get involved in the life and work of their child’s school. This is linked to Parental Engagement which the guidance describes as being connected with parents’ interaction with their children’s learning.  

Learning Together states that schools and partners can play a vital role in supporting families to be more fully engaged and involved by:

  • enabling ongoing, two-way communications between home and school
  • supporting parents to contribute to school improvement and making decisions that affect the school
  • using the skills of parents to enrich the curriculum
  • providing opportunities for families to come together and engage with learning.

As a school, we would like to improve the way we work with our parents. We would like to invite you to a focus group/discussion meeting which will enable you to give your views about how we currently involve parents, how we keep them informed and how we support them to engage with their child’s learning. The meeting will also give you an opportunity to contribute to our plan to improve these vital aspects of our work.

The meeting will be led by a member of our Parent Council on Thursday 23rd May from 7:00pm – 8:00pm. You will receive a separate invitation to attend which will instruct you to book a place via the Parents’ Evening Booking System.  Places are limited so please act fast if you wish to attend.  

Thanks in anticipation of your support.

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher