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Any pupil who wants to apply for college should do so this week. You will be expected to create an account and complete personal details, along with a personal statement. Please then continue to check personal emails.

Water bottles

Pupils should not be asking out for water during lessons. Instead, they should come to school with water bottles, and use breaks and lunches to refill.

Breaks and Lunches

Pupils are not allowed in corridors, stairwells or any other floor other than the social area during break and lunchtimes.

School Car Park

Pupils are reminded that they should only use designated paths and walkways when moving around the school grounds.

Pupils should not walk through the carpark as this is a hazard and could result in injury.

Also, pupils should not walk across the football pitch or climb over the perimeter fence.  The fence is now getting damaged resulting in the school having to pay for repairs.  The school will also be charged if the football pitch is damaged.  If pupils walk on the pitch eventually the grass will be worn away and the school will have to pay for it to be re-turfed.

Please act responsibly.

Mr Hunter