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School Reopening – Parental Communication 5 Aug 20

Dear Parent


I hope that you and your families are well and that you have managed to enjoy the summer, despite the poor weather. Of course, this is about to improve just as schools are due to start back.

We have now received confirmation from the City of Edinburgh Council regarding the phased return to school for all students. You will also have received a letter today from Alistair Gaw, Executive Director for Communities and Families, explaining how schools will manage a safe return between Wednesday and Friday of next week.

Our phased return involves students attending two year groups at a time as per the table below:

Wednesday 12th August     S1 and S2 only 

S1 should arrive at 8:45am and will be met at the main student entrance.
S2 should arrive at 8:25am and go directly to Daily Morning Tutor

Thursday 13th August        S3 and S4 only

S3 should arrive at 8:25am and go directly to Daily Morning Tutor
S4 should arrive at 8:45am and go directly to Daily Morning Tutor

Friday 14th August              S5 and S6 only

S5 should arrive at 8:45am and go directly to Daily Morning Tutor
S6 should arrive at the Office Entrance at 8:45am and go directly to Daily Morning Tutor

Although this is not an ideal situation, these arrangements will enable us to safely re-introduce students to the school, get them used to new ways of working and familiarise them with the changes we have put in place. From Monday 17th August all students will attend Monday to Friday, as normal.

In order to minimize risk for staff and students, it has also been necessary to adapt the structure of the school day as well as some of our operating procedures. I will share more detailed information about these changes on Monday afternoon, once these have been agreed with staff.

Jackets and warm clothing
We expect an increase in the use of outdoor spaces to support learning and, where possible, breaks and lunchtime will be taken outdoors. This means that all students should bring suitable outdoor clothing and be prepared to be outside.

We suggest that students bring a snack for break as there will be no canteen service at this time.

We ask that students bring a packed lunch, where possible. This will greatly reduce pressure on our restricted catering and further reduce risk. Eligible students will continue to receive a free school meal and it is likely that lunch will consist of a grab-and-go bag, rather than a hot service. Students will be able to order lunch during their first period. To reduce crowding we will have two lunch slots and the details of this will be communicated to students as part of induction during the first week back.

In the meantime, to assist with our catering plans, please complete the survey at the link below.

Forrester Dress Code
We will continue to promote and support students to wear Forrester Dress Code. Please see website for details of our Dress Code and how this can be purchased.

Ties will be available for purchase from the school office later in the session.

Health and Safety
In preparation for students returning safely in August, we have refined a number of our operational procedures and risk assessments. Social distance and hygiene will be everyone’s responsibility and all students and staff must play their part in ensuring each other’s safety.

To avoid contact and the risk associated with the sharing of specialised equipment, some practical activities may not be possible initially. In addition, students are encouraged to bring their own stationary to avoid the need to share resources. Students who have school iPads should bring these with them (as well as their chargers).

Our fire evacuation procedures and muster points have also been updated to improve physical distancing.

It continues to be the case that we are not allowed to permit parents access to school, unless in an emergency. In which case, you should phone ahead.

Developing symptoms
If your child or a member of your household develops COVID-19 symptoms, please follow the advice from NHS Inform and please let the school know.

Useful links
NHS Inform:
School website:
City of Edinburgh Council website:

Mr Ennis will share information through a separate communication.

Finally, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone back safe and well and to things starting to feel more normal for everyone.

Thanks, and best wishes.

Stephen Rafferty
Head Teacher