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Social Subjects

Mrs Alice Crawford
Curricular Leader (History)

Mr McKean
Geography Teacher

Ms Stella Dobson
Modern Studies Teacher

Mr Craig McNeil
Modern Studies Teacher

Ms Ourania Serifi
History/RMPS Teacher

Mr Pete Strachan
RMPS Teacher

Mr Neil Wright
Geography/Modern Studies Teacher

Social Subjects & RMPS is a vibrant faculty here at Forrester High School, engaging in encouraging our young people to discover more about the world and society we inhabit. We motivate pupils to evaluate their own role in society and consider how they can play a lifelong positive role in the global community.

In the S1-2 Broad General Education, pupils come to the faculty for four periods a week and experience a range of Geography, History, Modern Studies and RME topics. In S3, pupils can choose their preferred subject(s) from Geography, History and Modern Studies and RME and come three periods per week.

In the Senior Phase, pupils can engage with a wide spectrum of courses, including: Geography, History, Modern Studies, Philosophy, RMPS and Travel & Tourism, with many of these subjects offering certificate qualifications from Level 4 through to Level 6 ‘Higher’ and Level 7, ‘Advanced Higher’.


S1-3 (Broad General Education)

Pupils in S1-3 in the Broad General Education will be given every opportunity to explore each subject within the faculty. In S1-2, pupils work through Level 3 Education Scotland benchmarks, aiming to make steady progression towards Level 4.

In S3, pupils in Geography, History and Modern Studies and RME are encouraged to achieve confidence in Level 4, progressing towards National level work in their chosen subject(s).

Senior Phase

Please click the link below for an overview of our course choices for senior phase students.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Social Subjects & RMPS promotes engagement with the Duke of Edinburgh Award offered in school, with Ms. Craig a lead facilitator of the Award here at Forrester High School.

Social Subjects & RMPS has a proud tradition of offering learning experiences out with the classroom environment including:

  • Engagement with the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz experience
  • Scottish Parliament visit in National Modern Studies
  • Water of Leith fieldwork trip in Advanced Higher Geography
  • Travel & Tourism excursions to popular local tourist attractions
  • Overseas excursions are also being planned…watch this space!

Industry Overview

Pupils engaging with subjects in the Social Subjects & RMPS faculty open a great number of doorways to a rich variety of career pathways. Pupils are encouraged to check with the career pathways posters throughout the faculty corridor and should also make use of the following My World of Work link.