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Year of Young People 2018 Ambassadors

Young Scot is looking for Year of Young People 2018 Ambassadors and a great opportunity for young people to get involved in the YoYP2018.

Looking for people aged 8-26 for all over Scotland to become YoYP Ambassadors. You will be part of a Scotland wide team celebrating the achievements of young people and their valuable contribution to  communities and creating new opportunities for young people to shine locally, nationally and globally.

You will help provide a platform for young people to have their views heard and acted upon. You will showcase the amazing talents of young people through events and the media and developing better understanding, co-operation and respect between generations. You will also be recognising the impact of teachers, youth workers and other supporting adults on young people’s lives and developing and providing opportunities for Young people to express themselves through culture, sport and other activities.

As a YoYP 2018 Ambassador you will be:

  • Representing the YoYP 2018  in your community
  • Supporting partners to ensure the success of the YoYP 2018
  • Promoting and creating events and activities in your area
  • Attending national events and training with other Ambassadors for all over Scotland.
  • Taking part in Dynamic Youth Award and Youth Achievement Award.
  • Building new skills and meeting loads of new people.

To apply and find out more information visit: and follow # YoYP2018 on Twitter.