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Edinburgh Schools Review

City of Edinburgh Council is currently half way through the informal consultation events which have been arranged with every school community.

Please use the following link to access a letter from Alistair Gaw, Executive Director for Communities and Families, which provides more information.  Click here – Schools Review 2 February 2018

Keeping Connected

Since the summer, we have embarked on an exciting journey launching new ways of keeping you connected to the school, wherever you are.

The following provides a summary of the various ways of we can now communicate with you. It’s important that you sign up and register so that you don’t miss any messages, announcements, events or reminders.


Vaccinations – Consent Forms

Teenage Booster & Meningitis ACWY vaccinations are taking place Tuesday 20 February.  Please return your completed consent forms to the school office as soon as possible.

For more information please see your NHS Nurse or visit the Immunisation Scotland website –

Library and English Dept. Visiting Author

Forrester was lucky enough to have Non Pratt – author of novels ‘Second Best Friend’ and ‘Unboxed’, to name a few – come in to school to talk to some of our S3 cohort.  Non shared her latest novel with the group, as well as exploring the writing process and encouraging our students who are interested in a career in writing to pursue ‘who they are’.

Students considered the pressures on them at their age and stage and took part in an activity to share a kind thought with a partner, naming something they felt their friend ‘did best’.  Our students then took advantage of having a ‘real live’ author in front of them and asked Non questions, such as her favourite author and why she’d dedicated her book to ‘Beef and Liberty’!

A wonderful experience for all, providing students with an opportunity to consider life outside of school, while learning tips and skills they can apply to their classroom work.