Computing Curriculum

It is our goal in the Computing Department to develop learners with an interest and passion in the subject. We strive to ensure that our young people have the computing and technological skills required in order to be best prepared for the pace and challenges of our ever changing world.


We ensure that all our young people meet the four capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence so that they are:


Successful learners
Learners are engaged and challenged by their computing courses. They are able to think creatively and independently, linking and applying their computing skills in new and different situations.


Confident individuals
Learners will develop skills and techniques in order that they can confidently tackle computing problems and challenges.


Effective contributors
Learners can discuss and communicate their learning in computing. They can work in partnerships and in teams creating, developing and solving problems and evaluating technological issues.


Responsible citizens
Learners can work together, solving problems and making informed choices and decisions in computing.


S1 Curriculum

All S1 pupils receive 1 period of Computing a week.  Learners gain exposure to all Third Level Computing Science experiences and outcomes.

The course outline is as follows:


  • Internet Safety
  • How search engines work and how to use them effectively.
  • How computers work
  • Web development
  • Spreadsheets (with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on Wii)
  • Programming
  • Computer games development

S2-3 Curriculum

In session 2011-12 we introduced our brand new Curriculum for Excellence course in S2-3.  The aim of this course is to develop confident and creative learners through a rich and engaging curriculum. As well as the various topics listed below, our learners will follow the principals of the “Google 20% time” rule. This means that for 20% of their time they will be able to work on a project of their own choice, investigating and developing key skills and learning as they go.

S2 Curriculum for Excellence topics

  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Blogging
  • The principles of multimedia
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Web design
  • How computers work
  • Design a desktop computer challenge
  • Animation
  • Computer applications project
  • Internet safety

S3 Curriculum for Excellence topics

  • Computer games design
  • Programming with Scratch
  • Software development
  • Mobile application design
  • HTML
  • Wikis
  • Systems investigation
  • Environmental awareness

Visit our wiki for further details on our S2-3 Computing course.


S4-6 Curriculum

In the senior school, learners can choose from:

  • National 4 Computing Science
  • National 5 Computing Science
  • Higher Computing
  • Advanced Higher Computing
  • Int 1 Computer Gamed Design / Int 2 Computer Gamed Design

National 4 and National 5 Computing Science are taught as a bi-level course. The topics covered are:

  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science

Visit our wiki for further details on our National 4 / 5 Computing Science course.

Highier Computing Science

  • Software development
  • Computer systems
  • Multimedia technology

Visit our wiki for further details on our  Higher Computing course.

Int 1 / 2 Computer Games Development

  • Designing a computer game and the gaming industry
  • Developing media assets
  • Producing a computer game and it’s promotion.

The computing department also offer and S2 and S3 Games Development enrichment course.

Visit our wiki for further details on our  Computer Games courses.


Click here to view our Curriculum for Excellence progression structure.

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