Football Academy


Course outline:

This course is designed for any pupil who has a keen interest in Football and would like to develop their personal skills and tactical understanding of the game. The course will be capped at 16 players who currently play for a team and are interest with continuing with PE in S4. The current School of Football pupils will not automatically receive a place. Effort, behaviour and attitude will be a determining factor.

Course content:
1. Personal fitness
2. Data collection of performance
3. Analysis of performance
4. Principles of play
5. Tactical development
6. Personal skill development
6. Monitoring progress
7. My coaching
8. The Mental and Emotional side of Football
9. My diet
10. Refereeing
11. Investigate Football

This course will cover large parts of the National 4 PE content, meaning pupils will be prepared to step into National 5 PE in S4.

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