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Head Teacher Update 12/3/21

Dear Parents and Students

I Look forward to welcoming students and staff back to school next week. Everyone should now know the times they are due to be in school up until the Easter holiday. A huge amount of work has been done, in preparation for Monday, and I am grateful to the teams across the school for their hard work in getting us to this point. Having sent out detailed plans earlier this week, today’s update will be brief, with just a few short pieces of information.

Health and Wellbeing

We are very aware that everyone is coming back to school with different experiences of lock-down and that our lives have been disrupted in many different ways. During the first lesson back, staff will focus on Health and Wellbeing, provide an opportunity to discuss experiences, and gather views through a H&W survey. They will also direct students to where they can find support.


Please bring iPads with you, charged and ready to go, on the days you are due to be in school. This will be helpful in all lessons and particularly in PE – should the weather be too bad to go outside.

SQA Student Booklet

In response to feedback from learners, SQA has created a booklet with what they need to know for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher in 2021. The booklet is available on the SQA website at the address below and a hard copy will be issued to learners in the coming weeks.

SQA student booklet link:

Finally, I hope you are able to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Best wishes to you and your families.

Stephen Rafferty

Head Teacher