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Message from City of Edinburgh Council regarding payments to families

Free School Meals payments and the Spring Hardship Payment

Other payments

If you meet the conditions for free school meals you may be entitled to other payments to help with meals during school holidays, closures or if your child has to self isolate.

You don’t need to apply separately. We will pay these to the bank account we hold for your clothing grant.

Holiday payments

A payment of £2.25 was made for every day during school holidays, closures or where remote or learning is in place up to 29 January 2021.

From 01 February 2021, the payment increased to £2.50 per day.

Free School Meals payments have been made for all pupils up to 12 March 2021.

On 15 March 2021, a Free School Meals payment of £35.00 per child will be made for secondary pupils only as they are returning to school on blended learning. This payment is for the period 15 March 2021 to 01 April 2021.

Free School Meals payments will be made to all pupils for the Easter holidays.

Spring Hardship Payment

The Scottish Government’s Spring Hardship Payment ( includes a one-off payment of £100 per child for all children in receipt of Free School Meals before the Easter holiday.

This payment will be included with the Easter holiday Free School Meal payment.

The date for the Spring Hardship Payment and the Easter holidays Free School Meal payment has not yet been confirmed but the payment will be made in advance of the Easter holiday. Once the date is confirmed we will update our web page.

Parents of children already in receipt of Free School Meals DO NOT need to complete an application in order to receive the Spring Hardship Payment, it will be paid automatically using the bank/payment details we already hold.