S4-6 Curriculum

In the senior school (S4, S5 & S6), students are able to take a mix of subjects at different levels. The courses which are being offered for session 2016-2017 are described in the S4-S6 Course Information Booklet. Students and parents/carers should however, note that only courses which have sufficient take-up will eventually run.

This year is the third year of new national examinations established under Curriculum for Excellence.  These new courses will now replace all existing SQA courses.

New National & Higher Examinations

National 3, 4 and National 5 and the new Higher courses are the new courses in the Curriculum for Excellence which replace the old Access, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher courses respectively.

These courses all comprise of units which are assessed internally and must be passed to gain an overall award.  In addition there is an external exam at the end of each National 5 and Higher course which must be passed to gain an overall award.

Teaching staff will assist students by advising them of the appropriate levels of study for next session. It is vital that every student should consult her/his subject teachers before making her/his provisional choices.  Final choices should then be decided in consultation with parents/carers and Support for Pupil Staff.

Further information can be found under Learning & Teaching > Course choice.

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