Broad General Education

Course Outline

Having completed a Broad General Education in Curriculum for Excellence in S1 PE, pupils will have experienced around 10 activities over the year, for example; Football, Rugby, Badminton, Basketball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Dance, Swimming, Table Tennis and Athletics.

Assessment is based on three key Health and wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes:

Co-operation and Competition, Movement Skills and Evaluating.

Staff will also use the benchmarks diagram (see below) to underpin the E&Os throughout BGE S1-3

In S1 the main focus was on Skill development, challenge and progression.

Moving into S2/S3 the courses are as follows:

S2 CfE

In S2 Curriculum for Excellence PE, pupils have a choice as to which course they opt into. The course choices are to be made up of a ‘Games’, ‘Skills’ and ‘Creative’, course. Every pupil will undertake a Team Building and Athletics block.

Assessment is based on three areas:

Co-operation and Competition, Movement Skills and Evaluating.

By the end of S2, pupils will have experienced 8 activities over the year with the main focus being Skill development and learning to co-operate with class mates in challenging environments. Pupils will have been exposed to a range of challenging contexts developing personal qualities such as Self Esteem, resilience and determination. This is reported on with Skill development being assessed at levels 3 and 4.

The main focus is on choice and flexibility, but still allowing a breadth of activities to be experienced.
S3 CfE

In S3 Curriculum for Excellence, pupils will be streamed into classes based on their practical ability. A heavy emphasis will be placed on leadership and coaching opportunities within a class. Pupils will get the chance to experience new and exciting activities throughout this year over 2 periods.

8 activities will be completed throughout the year.

Assessment will be based on three areas:

Co-operation and Competition, Movement Skills and Evaluating.

Activities will be negotiated at the beginning of the year.

As well and skill development, in S3 the sub focus is evaluation of performance and pupil’s ability to suggest changes and improvements to theirs, or others performance.

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