Course Choices

Important course choices are made when a student is moving from S2 to S3 and again into senior school (S4-S6).

At these stages, parents/carers receive information on the range and content of available courses. Careers advice is also made available. Parent evenings are organised in advance of the choices being made and staff make careful recommendations about the most suitable courses for each student, and parents/carers are invited to discuss these with the appropriate teachers.

Such recommendations should be considered carefully before final decisions are made.

S2 Learning Review:

Click here to view:

S2 into S3 Learning Review booklet 2021-2022

S2 into S3 Learning Review (Course Choice) PowerPoint 

S2 Coursing Flowchart

SDS S2 Subject Choices Linked to Careers

S2 into S3 Learning Review Sway

Senior Coursing 2021-2022

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Senior Course Booklet 2021-22

S456 Parent Briefing – Senior School Coursing 2021


The Edinburgh College partnership courses are a great way to enhance the variety of options available to senior students. These includes the range of Foundation Apprenticeship courses that are on offer to S5 and S6 students.

Click below to view the Edinburgh College SCP offer:

Edinburgh College – School College Partnership offer (Forrester)


Some useful links related to Foundation Apprenticeship Courses:

What is a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Foundation Apprenticeship to Degree Opportunity

Foundation Apprenticeship to College Opportunity


Some further links to support subject choice


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