S4-6 Curriculum

In the senior school (S4, S5 & S6), students are able to take a mix of subjects at different levels. The courses which are being offered for session 2020-2021 are described in the S4-S6 Course Information Booklet. Students and parents/carers should however, note that only courses which have sufficient take-up will eventually run.

New National & Higher Examinations

National 3, 4 and National 5 and the new Higher courses are the new courses in the Curriculum for Excellence which replace the old Access, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher courses respectively.

Teaching staff will assist students by advising them of the appropriate levels of study for next session. It is vital that every student should consult her/his subject teachers before making her/his provisional choices.  Final choices should then be decided in consultation with parents/carers and Support for Pupil Staff.

Further information can be found under Learning & Teaching > Course choice.

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